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Открытое акционерное общество "Витебский маслоэкстракционный завод"
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JSC “Vitebsk oil extraction plant” is the largest producer of raw (unrefined) plant oil on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

JSC “Vitebsk oil extraction plant” has been on the plant oil market for more than 75 years and we are well known not only in Belarus but also abroad.

Our business partners are food companies, located in different parts of Belarus as well as the largest poultry farms all around the country. We export our produce to the Baltic countries, Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Currently the share of the company in the total production output of plant oils by the companies in the republic constitutes more than 20%.

The motto of the company is: Mutually beneficial partnership is a way to perfection.

The major strategic goal of the company is to manufacture competitive and safe product, correspond to the legislative and other obligatory requirements, surpass the customers’ expectations and demands and bring a stable income for further production development with the aim to satisfy all the interested parties.


JSC “Vitebsk oil extraction plant” is a well-known Belarusian producer of unrefined plant oils.

1927 – the first stone of the currently operating plant was laid.

1931 – the official startup of the plant. Initially oilseeds were processed by pressing and the plant mainly produced technical plant oils and drying oil.

1959 – oil extraction line was installed, which increased the bulk of production.

1988 – installation of extractor ND-1250

2007 – introduction of international quality management system ISO 9001-2001

2008 – startup of a new oil extraction department, endowed with the newest European equipment from “Europa Grown Ltd.” (Great Britain)

The introduction of the new department has helped to increase the bulk of manufactured output and achieve improvement in quality characteristics of the ready product. The technological process has become entirely automatic and the working conditions of the personnel have improved considerably. The main production units of the company are: oil extraction department with production capacity higher than 200 tons of seeds per 24 hours; a seed elevator with the holding capacity of 15000 tons; a tank sector for oil storage with the capacity of 4.5 thousand tons; a seed expeller elevator with the capacity of 1.5 thousand tons.

The ready products are delivered by railway and motor transport.

JSC “Vitebsk oil extraction plant” produces 2.8 thousand tons of plant oil per month.

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